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  • Fall class registration underway
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Fall class registration underway

The fall 2003 catalogs for Polaris Career Center Adult Education and Lakewood Community Recreation & Education Departments have been mailed and both institutions are now accepting registration for classes.

In addition to our regular line-up - So You Want Your Own Business, The Nuts & Bolts of Starting & Operating Your Own Business and Power Marketing for Smaller Businesses - Business Odyssey is offering several new courses this fall. They are:

* Business Research Basics in which we will look at various reliable sources of business information including library and internet sources as well as primary research sources. This is a two night course at Lakewood High School.

* Starting a Home-Based Business in which we will explore issues that are specific to starting a home-based business including zoning, tax deductions, family, time management and more. This is a two evening course at Polaris Career Center.

Ann Rusnak of Marketplace Strategies will be offering How to Gain an Extra Two Hours in Your Day and How to Start an Online Business with Little or no Money. Both are one night classes at Lakewood High School.

For a complete listing of Business Odyssey training offerings, times, dates and registration information, visit

ENTREPRENEURSHIP: The secret to making goals happen

by Ann Rusnak

Facts about goals Success is almost inevitable when the goal becomes an inner commitment. Researchers agree there is nothing more important than writing it down.

Writing specific objectives and reviewing them frequently will help you release the energy, creativity and the drive to attain them.

A Harvard Business School study found:

  • 83% of the population do not have any clearly defined goals
  • 14% have goals but not written down
  • 3% of the population have goals that are written down

The study concluded that the 3 percent that did have written goals were earning an astounding 10 times that of the 83 percent group. In addition, similar studies have shown that individuals with written goals also tend to have better health and happier marriages than those without goals.

The power of written goals is indisputable.

Writing your goals down is the first step to any action. Write them down anywhere. Even the palm of your hand is acceptable if nothing else is available to write them on. Why is writing your goals so important? It creates a commitment in your mind. That gives you the momentum to achieve your immediate goals. Writing them is even more crucial for your long term goals.

Second Step is your goals need a deadline. They are just wishes without one. Your deadlines can be flexible. The deadline puts your goal into the real world of working within time frames.

What happens if you miss your target date? The fear of failure of not making that date is why many of us don't write those goals down in the first place. Missing the deadline is not failure. You just under estimated the time frame required to accomplish it. Just move your deadline into a more realistic time table of achieving your goal.

Remember! Only 3% of the population write down their goals. Even if you missed YOUR deadline, you have already done more than 97% of the population.

Write your goals as if they have already been achieved. This triggers an important process in the subconscious. The subconscious mind start working toward the written goal. You don't have to keep thinking about them.

Writing your goals down does not replace working on them. You still need a goals action plan to make them a reality but this simple act of writing your goals down, virtually ensures that you'll accomplish them especially if you follow theses action steps:

17 Action Steps Toward Goal Achievement

1. Change

  • C - Challenge & Courage
  • H - Hang in There
  • A - Attitude
  • N - Necessary
  • G - Go for It
  • E - Effort with Enthusiasm
2. Break down your goals into smaller steps- SMART
  • S-small steps
  • M-manageable
  • A- achievable
  • R- realistic
  • T- tangible
3. Write down your headline goals

4. Assign a date to each goal

5. Check off each goal as you achieve it

6. Reward yourself

7. Review your goals weekly put them in your daily planner

8. Share your goals with others

9. Visualize, Perceive and Believe in your goals

10. Cultivate a support group

11. Make the Commitment

12. Build a Solid Foundation

13. Ensure Your Attitude

14. Daily Disciplined Accountability

15. Change Your Vocabulary

16. Stay in Shape


Your goals should be posted in places where you will see them frequently. Carry them with you so you can review your goals at an instant. Remember it's OK to change your goal, but it's not OK not to have them.


Ann Rusnak is the 15 Minute Time Coach helping entrepreneurs use The "15 Minute a Day" Technique to puts them in control of their time and grow their business faster and more profitable in less time with less stress! Subscribe to "Just 15 Minutes" and receive time saving information to grow YOUR business in less time. Send blank email to:

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