In-house Seminars

We can bring training directly to your workplace. In-house seminars in business training and marketing are available to any organization in Northeastern Ohio.

You and your team can get the same training at the same time without expensive travel and with minimum disruption of your business day.

We can tailor an in-house business seminar to meet your needs based on any of the subjects offered through our Adult Education program including a variety of small business management and marketing topics.

A customized marketing assessment, The Marketing Sharpener is an in-house seminar designed specifically to give smaller organizations a more effective marketing approach. (Description below.)

All seminars will leave you with a specific list of goals and a full written report afterward. Contact us to schedule your seminar.

The Marketing Sharpener

Ever get the feeling that your marketing message is just not getting through? Not quite hitting the mark? Spending a bundle on marketing materials, web page, advertising and sales calls but not getting the big pay back you expected?

If your marketing program isn't performing - isn't producing the sales and revenue you deserve - perhaps it's time for a new approach.

Spend less $$ and IMPROVE your marketing!!!

The Marketing Sharpener brings a half-day workshop to your location to help you regain control of your marketing effort.

In this workshop, we guide you and your staff through an examination of your marketing messages, image, material and sales approach to see that all of the parts are working together to produce results. At the end of the half day, you will have clear knowledge of what is working and what needs to be changed.

After the workshop, you will receive a written report and follow-up to keep you on track to a more effective marketing program.

Ths cost of the Marketing Sharpener is probably less than you would spend to send one staff member to an out-of-town conference.

Included in the price -

  • Preliminary preparatory conference to determine how best to customize the Marketing Sharpener to meet your needs
  • Facilitation of the Marketing Seminar session
  • All meeting materials
  • A written report summarizing the results of the session and documenting decions made and goals set
  • Follow-up conference 90 days after the session to assess progress and revise goals where needed
Contact us for more information or to schedule a workshop for your business.