Small Business Training & Seminars

Getting the right training before you launch your business is critical to your success.

You've probably heard that many businesses fail in the first five years. The Small Business Administration has found that the main reason for this is that the owner/managers do not have the skills needed to successfully operate a business.

Entrepreneurs who actively look for ways to improve and upgrade their skills thrive.

Business Odyssey offers three ways for small business owners to obtain the training that they need to flourish:

  1. In-house business seminars bring training directly to your workplace.

    You and your team can get the same training at the same time without expensive travel and with minimum disruption of your business day.

    We can tailor a seminar to meet your needs based on any of the subjects offered through our Adult Education program. We also offer The Marketing Sharpener which was designed specifically as an in-house seminar. All seminars will leave you with a specific list of goals and a full written report afterward. In-house seminars are available to any business in Northeastern Ohio. Contact us to schedule your seminar.

  2. Adult education classes offer skill enhancement to small business owners and employees at convenient locations and very reasonable prices. Most classes are scheduled in the evening so they are less likely to interfere with your normal work schedule. This link will lead you to a complete description of our current offerings and registration information.

  3. Coaching offers more scheduling options and individualized attention for entrepreneurs who need a more flexible option. One-on-one sessions focus on goal setting, skill enhancement and motivation. Sessions are tailored to meet your specific needs. Regular contact is maintained through regularly scheduled in-person meetings, e-mail and telephone. Several packages are available to meet your time and budget constraints. All are rolled together with discounted pricing if additional services are needed. Contact us to discuss your needs.